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If you need a very easy, super cost effective and far less time consuming business system. What I’m going to offer you today is a game changer.
This system is the real deal, I know because I developed it.

You might be thinking it’s probably just some strategy you’ve already heard.
But let me first tell you WHO I am before I share with you my solution.
My name is Louise Lazendic. . .

That’s me: 👇🏼
social media templates
I am a self made entrepreneur with over 15 + years of experience in online marketing, brand growth and graphic design. I am passionate about helping female entrepreneurs stand out and grow their business online.

During COVID lockdowns I started a business designing marketing templates in Canva for female entrepreneurs and it took off.

Since I developed this system of funnelling warm prospects into my business it has grown like crazy. For example, in the first month I tried out my new system on just one product. 
My monthly product sales of that product increased by a whopping 700%. And it didn’t stop there. 

That 700% became my new normal . . .👇🏼
And that was just by selling one product at $47! 

This isn't your typical lead magnet plan...
This system is incredible the way it gets my products right in front of EXACTLY the people who want them…
What a turn around. . .
12 months ago, I was looking at a slim bank account because COVID had put a pause on my global e-commerce party supplies brand. Nobody was celebrating anything – least of all me.
I was unsure of the future. . . and I honestly didn’t know what my next step should be.
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So. . .  
And I went looking online for people who had made it. Successful online entrepreneurs.
So many were self-taught experts, often they’d had a rough start or had tried many times to get off the ground . . . and all of them were now making an online fortune!
How did they do it? I had to find out.
So, I invested my money into online courses, ebooks and workshops and here’s what I learned. . . 
The secret to these high-performance entrepreneurs’ success was something called a Lead Magnet.
Never heard of a Lead Magnet? 
A Lead Magnet. . .

Is an online product you create that attracts your ideal customer or clients. It usually leads them to purchase what you are offering.
A lead magnet is exciting for new and growing businesses because it builds your email list and at the same time generates new customers or clients.
In other words, An effective lead magnet will attract a ton of ideal prospects and convert them into buyers!
So good . . .
A typical business model requires you to first build your list and audience (and that can take time!).
But with a lead magnet, you can skyrocket your email list AND explode your sales.
It’s a very simple strategy that most business owners don’t even know about.
I can tell you from experience that creating a Lead Magnet is potentially life-changing. 
Creating my own Lead Magnets has changed my business.
I took a new business and turned it into one of the biggest months my bank balance had ever seen!
And it was all because I created a Lead Magnet.
What if you could create your own Lead Magnet without needing to hire a professional?
Imagine what a Lead Magnet built on an AUTOMATED system could do for your business.
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How different would your business be if you could grow your brand while you were sleeping?
You could not only spend more time with the people you love. . .
You could also live a life of financial freedom. Say goodbye to financial stress!
You could say yes to taking a (real) break 😎 and still have the resources to support your family. All the while doing what you love…
You only need ONE successful Lead Magnet!
With just ONE successful Lead Magnet you can be on your way to living the dream.
I have to be honest though…
Creating a successful Lead Magnet on your own isn’t straight forward. 
To create a Lead Magnet that ACTUALLY BRINGS IN SALES takes the right strategy!
Some people waste years and never get it right...

But you can avoid these mistakes.
Here’s the EXCITING NEWS . . .

We’re going to create YOUR LEAD MAGNET together!
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I am going to share with you all the secrets a girl needs to know.
No more wasted time trying to figure out how to do it on your own.
All you need to do is follow the simple SYSTEM that I’m about to offer you!
In just two hours, I’ll teach you how to totally transform your business . . . and you can get started using the system TODAY!

Sounds good? Check this out. . .
Grab your copy today for only $7.70
I know your time is precious, so this is a very easy to read ebook. 
No fuss. Just the system - proven to work.
It is also not your ordinary “one time read” book. This ebook will help you over and over again to build your business, reach more people, create all kinds of Lead Magnets and so much more...
If you have any kind of online business, it doesn’t matter if you’re in service or selling a product. . . this book will work for you.


  • ​A step by step framework on how to build, design, automate and monetize your Lead Magnet. . . regardless of the stage you are at in your business.
  • ​The blueprint to magnetically draw in high-quality *paying* customers like CLOCKWORK.
  • My secret hack that will get your Lead Magnet designed in as little as 15 minutes... even if you are not a designer!
The SECRET to getting sales from your Lead Magnet from day 1.
  • The simple CONTENT CREATION TRICK that will eliminate the problem of not knowing what to create a Lead Magnet about.
  • ​​The step-by-step strategy to nurture your prospects without the hard sell, so they will become your customers.
  • ​The #1 way to get traffic to your Lead Magnet both FREE and PAID.
The ONE KEY PAGE you need to include in your Lead Magnet that is often forgotten and is the only way to get immediate sales. 
  • My BLUEPRINT for CONVERSION – How to create a Lead Magnet that your prospect actually reads so they become a paying customer or client.
  • ​My personal techniques and tips for creating endless beautiful branded Lead Magnets that speak straight to the heart of your ideal customer.
  • The formula for writing an easy to read Lead Magnet, with a premium look and feel, without any writing experience.
The fool proof approach to AUTOMATING your email list building, so you can spend more time with the ones you love.
  • An automated business-model that BUILDS 100% TRUST in your subscribers.
  • ​How to be seen as an INDUSTRY EXPERT and respected authority in your niche by your customers and clients.
... AND SO MUCH MORE. (You will be blown away!)
You’re Also Getting FOR FREE...
The right headline will make all the difference!

Thanks to my Catchy Killer Headlines - A Creative Girls Cheat Sheet  you can write them too! With this method you will instantly generate simple and effective headlines that pull in your reader every time. 

You’ll save yourself a tonne of time with the best headline formulas. Use over and over again to quickly find a headline to EXACTLY suit any Lead Magnet.
headline cheatsheet
There is so much amazing TECH out there that can save you so much time, effort and money. All you have to do is find it! I know, not easy! 

I’ve created a Business Tech Tools List 
 simply because I know how great it is when you stumble upon just the right tools and I know it’s even better when someone gives you a helping hand and a head start.

These reliable and easy to use tools have been crash-tested by myself and my team. These are the exact business TECH tools that I use to create, design, market and add lead magnets to my website.
Business tech tools
These are completely free and are my gift to you!

Are you ready to start creating your lead magnet?

"Thank you! This ebook is GOLD. I finished reading it in 2 hours and felt like I’d done an entire business course. So many lightbulbs went on for me. I have also used your lead magnet templates to create my very first lead magnet!!! I can’t believe I did it! It was so easy. All the decisions I’d been stewing over were now so straight forward. I have learned so much about attracting my ideal customers and how to make sales online!  Thank you"
Lauren McDonald
Even if the ebook only does half of what I’ve said… you will be seeing the kind of results you’ve only dreamed about… faster than you imagined possible.

So, if you’re ready, just go ahead…click the ‘Yes! Send Me The Book!’ button to take advantage of this amazing offer.


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If you’re thinking, “$7.70 is cheap… what’s the catch?”
No catch, I just want to make a great first impression so that one day you might be happy to do business with me again. Simple really. 🙂
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As I said before, you are getting the EXACT strategies and systems I have used in my own businesses to grow online.
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I’m giving you my brand-new ebook, The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Lead Magnet. . .
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